1964 photo of the guys who built Star Trek's Enterprise studio model


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That always puzzled me. Why don’t they have seatbelts on the chairs, and why the standing at the consoles? Must lead to lots of injuries and crew incapacitations when it is least convenient.


“One … no … two words: plastic fins”


I call the USS Enterprise the USS Flying Deathtrap. Never was a worse designed plot device wessel. That said, the original Enterprise was a study in reliability compared to the Enterprise D. That’s why I’ve always maintained the biggest hero in Trek lore is Geordi, keeping Leah Brahms’s superluminal disaster going while the rest of the crew tried to earn a Darwin award.

The Millennium Falcon might not have been as pretty, but at least that shit didn’t break down on the regular* despite a pilot that didn’t know a parsec from a parsnip.

*And when it did, the robot fixed it instead of having an identity crisis :open_mouth:


Given what the consoles do when there are problems, I can see wanting to be ready to dodge.


That’s more a call for a face shield and a flak vest. And maybe reengineering of the consoles.

Though I’d suggest combining the approaches and let them wear shrapnel-resistant spacesuits. That would protect against the sudden air loss too.


Does everyone else make sound fx noises when modeling? My wife finds it odd behavior.


I had no idea the model was so large. I always had it in mind that it was the size of the model kits (Aurora? I don’t recall) that were sold at the time.


Nope they make em BIG. They also make them about the size you are thinking, smaller and in between. It mostly depends on what they need from the scene being shot.



Like the Enterprise has been rained on a lot?


Space weather can be quite rough.


sweetest: where are the wheels
and of course no euro pallet


The Smithsonian spent 10 years and $7 million restoring and preserving the Star Spangled Banner. I expect no less an effort for the Enterprise.


It’s a real thing? Noooo! What have you done to my precious mockery?


This one was better:


Ruined it.
WITH SCIENCE! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Huh, I don’t remember such big antennae on the front of the engines.

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