Electric fan for your armpits


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/12/electric-fan-for-your-armpits.html

Einstein's stinky leather jacket sold for $144,000

Why just stink locally when you can project your BO over to the next few cubicles!


Is there one for taint?


Use the same one. I’m using one right now.


Where exactly were you planning on clipping it?


taint none a yer business!


I want the USB version.


I think it’s actually"USB-O."


The reverse mode is actually so you can unwind your armpit hair from it periodically.


It also makes julienne fries. Get one soon–August 12 is just around the corner.



One for each armpit and daily pills so my sh!t don’t stink:

Another Japanese invention.


I’ve ordered two.The ladies at the disco will never notice.



I mean, I’m just surprised this hasn’t been done before.


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