Hair clog tool for drain cleaning saves the day again

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@frauenfelder next time you should give us some pics of the aftermath.

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I appreciate solid engineering as much as the next guy - but 3 articles on the same product in the span of less than 2 years?

Hope they are compensating you with something more than free Flexisnakes!


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Is there a protocol for unwrapping a disgusting mess of hair from the device, or is it “use once”? I’ve found the 2’ long plastic strips with hooks very effective, and relatively easy to clean.

@frauenfelder, was the clog an orange piece of paper with 24 words and an 8-digit number on it?


No lie - bought a few the first time boing-boing hawked these and my daughter used it to unclog her bathroom sink drain. Then she brought the hairy snake-like mess to me and asked how to clean it. Since neither of us wanted to touch it, it now sits on her bathroom windowsill, hair, glop, and all. We are hoping that after 30 or 40 years, the hair will just rot away, leaving the plastic snake which could potentially be reused by her grandchildren. We considered burying it and hoping the worms would eat it clean, but we were not confident that we could mark the spot well enough to find it again. I also throught about using my propane torch to burn the crap off it but decided it would just melt off all the plastic hooks in addition to generating that wonderful burning hair smell. So it remains a prominent display piece on her windowsill, daring us to use one of the other three I bought.

Would make a great Secret Santa gift for your corporate Christmas party!

You know, for a long time I thought plungers were only for toilets, but they do an awesome (in the old-school sense of the word, yes) on sink and tub drains, at least in our house. We get this nasty black goop that grows on the surface of the pipes and the finned shaft of the pop-up stopper. I don’t see a hair cleaner doing much for that and I’ve tried that thorny-stick style cleaner before without success. But the plunger! That was a day of revelation when I cleared a clogged sink with that. So easy and not much clean up.

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