Hair clog tool for drain cleaning $5


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A dirty job, but “something” has to do it.


Fer the zillionth time, and a lot less than $5 per unit:

(Zip tie drain uncloggers)


Pfft, I just break out my 4500 psi air compressor. What could possibly go wrong?


Aha the barbed long piece of plastic! I use something very similar I have owned for the last 8 or so years:


I’ve saved my family $5 by using an unbent wire coat hanger. It doesn’t work great and sometimes you crack the trap and have to replace it, but plumbing repairs come from a different budget line than tools.


Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb


Looks like an IUD.


Improvised Uterine Device


Exploding toilets. Spring is coming early this year.

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