Hair clog tool for drain cleaning saves the day again

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Prevention is the key.


But that does look like a great option if it does happen. How hard is it to clean the hair off all those hooks once the job’s done?


I’ve never had to clean hair out of a sink drain, because we never put hair in our sink drains. I can’t even imagine a scenario in which one does put hair in a sink drain.
I’ve cleaned a helluva lot of hair out of shower drains, though.

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A plunger works wonders on a plugged shower drain. (Make sure it’s a sink plunger, not a toilet plunger - and cover the overflow drain with something like cling wrap to make a tight seal.) Same thing for sinks.

I’ve been told by plumbers to never stick anything down the drain or use Drano unless you want to risk making the problem worse.

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Drano - no, will eventually eat away some kind of pipes.

This little tool, or legitimate drain snakes - what do you think a plumber uses to clear a clog?

My advice, get an honest plumber. And by all means trade a $300 plumber’s visit for an $80 Ryobi 25ft drain snake.

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I tossed this after one use. Nothing beats the Zip-It drain tool for hair issues.

I also have a 25+ foot snake for serious clogs, but this isn’t about real plumbing. :slight_smile:

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I blame my teenage daughters.

It’s fairly gross. I use an exacto knife to cut all the wound up hair then pull it off with a bit of toilet paper.

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The thing about a sink drain is that you can pull off the trap and actually clean it out really well, with little effort. Shower drains require some amount of finesse, since the trap is buried in concrete.

I don’t care if it prevents hair loss or not, I am not wearing that thing. :wink:


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