Good deal on Tub Shroom hair catcher


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Weird to talk about: but I use this and it works pretty well.


Obi wan


Ditto. I have to clean it out regularly, what with all my long-haired roomies, but it shows me how much is not headed into the drain to be a bigger problem later.


My tub drain has a little strut with a screw-hole in it, for mounting a click-to-close drain stop. So I’m not sure if this would fit.

I occasionally have to stick a chop-stick in there, and spin it around so it collects a bundle of soap-scummy hair and lint.


Or you could get a simple sink strainer for less than £2. It’s what I use in my bath.

Amazon US has something similar and similarly less over-designed than a ‘shroom’, 2 for $4.


Plus, the soap scum cleanses your chopstick for the next use!



Srsly, the drains are so gross I usually pour a kettle of boiling water down them first. That’s not enough to clear the things out (tub or sink) but I figure it sterilizes the crud a bit.


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