TubShroom really works

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Well I’m sure I’m not the only one who clicked hoping this would be a kit to grow psychadelic mushrooms in your tub. HOWEVER as the partner to a person with a beautiful, hearty, lengthy mane of tangly, high-tensile hair, this cannot be counted as a disappointment.


You would not lose that bet. :dizzy_face:



Roger That!


Can confirm. The tubshroom is great. The SinkShroom kind of sucks, but the tub one does it’s job very well.


After pulling a rather large snake of hair and soap from the pipes for the second time I went out to get one of these. They do indeed work well and are much less hassle than removing the ptrap under the tub and running the snake further down the pipes to get the clog.


Most of my drain problems have been resolved by using a zip snake at the first sign of slowness. I still have the regular snake and a bottle of lye and a plunger labelled “clean” for sinks and tubs, but I haven’t had to use them since I got the zips.


I’ll be another to verify that this weird device works very well indeed. We have a full house, lots of long hair, and this has significantly decreased the amount of plumbing/drain maintenance in the shower.


Quick! Somebody tell Frauenfelder about this thing!


Can confirm :+1:


I’ll testify! I bought these for our bathroom tub and sink about three years ago and it has made a helluva difference. The amount of hair this catches is amazing. We’re a family of four that shares a single bathroom. I’m bald, but my spouse and kids have long luxurious locks that previously stressed the fuck out of our ancient plumbing.

Does that mean they actually clean the mushrooms? No, of course not. Its like pulling a fucking mouse out of the drain every morning.


Hey, I looked at the shape, misread the name, and thought this was going to be an article mocking some weird sex toy on Amazon.

(Semi-) glad I was wrong.

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I concur. I will also add that this thing that is supposed to do the same thing is completely useless: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/umbra-flex-drain-stop-hair-catcher-white-0636281p.0636281.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4KK-yovF5gIVv__jBx3aZAqlEAQYBCABEgIA6fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#store=182
To be specific, the tub shroom is the best because many other alternatives sit on top of the drain so there is no way for them to filter the water without water pooling around the raised edge. And pooling water in a shower is gross. Not to mention that the size and distribution of the draining holes to allow water to continuously flow while not having hair get caught in the holes themselves seems to be a challenge some other products can’t meet.

Put us down as another set of believers. Daughter has 4B/4C hair and this thing does the job with aplomb.

Yeah, that part makes me gag a little. I just remind myself that it’s so I’m not toe-deep in backed-up shower while emptying it.

a surprising amount of hair, for a bald guy


My plumber once recommended clearing slow drains by pouring in half a cup of bleach, waiting 15 minutes, then following it with a gallon of boiling water. Works every time.

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It does work, but I found a plain old strainer-type drain catches just as much and is easier to clean. Still gross, but easier.

So if it is a shower/bath this will not work for holding the water in for a bath?

No, it won’t hold water in the bath. It’s designed to strain the water as it flows down the drain.

I’ve got one as well and it does work. I swear I saw it posted here, but maybe it was on Cool Tools or something. The only downside is having to clean it every few weeks, or more often when my sons are visiting from college.