Electro-swing: glitchy, jazzy, uptempo music



I think this is the theme music for the You Are Not So Smart Podcast. I’m glad you tracked it down so now I know what it is!


The three things I know about the scene are:

  • that I know little about it
  • that ‘Princess Crocodile’ by F.M. Einheit and Gry is lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_rp55TU7es
  • that there’s a compilation album called “White Mink, Black Cotton” which makes a nice sampler.
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Here’s a list of artist names that you may or may not already know:

Electrocutango and Goten Project have more of that “live” feel (while still being slightly produced). Really great producers who don’t do as live of performances but have some great tracks out are:

Enzo Siffredi (Jungle Dancing is a good one)
Parov Stelar (Catgroove is a very uptempo track)
Riva Starr (check out “I was drunk”)
Analogik (“Gypsie Doodle”)
Minimatik (“Didn’t it Rain”)

Hope that helps. If you’d like to hear some of this genre in a mix, I put an old one back up that I recorded three or four years ago, at https://soundcloud.com/seansparks/garage-gypsy-jam


The first album is also really great !
You can listen to Parov Stelar, Dunkelbunt, Lyre le Temps, Club des Belugas, and some Chinese Man tunes.

I’ve made a spotify playlist with some of my favorite electro swing tracks some time ago: http://open.spotify.com/user/1119528986/playlist/6DlZPR7rPkHQF6zKpC60l6

One really great artist who wasn’t mentioned before is Tape Five (one of their greatest tracks IMO is “A Cool Cat in Town”).

Ah, Electro-Swing.
I listened to it exclusively for a couple of years recently, and it is truly marvellous.
I would say, if you can make a playlist out of Caravan Palace, Tape Five, and Parov Stelar, you will be dancing and bopping from here until next Sunday.

Also, the Electro Swing Revolution series from Lola’s World and the Electro Swing, vol I - ongoing series from Wagram Music can be mined for a lot of tasty, tasty music.

Oh my gosh! I’ve seriously fallen for this genre. I discovered a couple tracks randomly on Pandora.

I found that Gramatik has done a few tracks in this style but not much more.

I finally have a genre to Google for!


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For me it brings to mind the soundtrack of an imaginary movie about how the swing era felt at the time, rather than how it actually was (or how we wish it was). The actual music of the period must have sounded like an electric jolt of adrenaline at the time but now seems nostalgic and quaint, due to repetition and distance.

I suspect that’s the type of thing Baz Luhrmann was trying for in Moulin Rouge (different period, I know) but using existing music added a (to me) distracting layer of associations.


Much like psytrance, it all sounds the same to me. Loads of friends of mine love it, but to my ear, it just goes, ‘pom-pom, pom-pom, pom-pom’ over & over again. I love jazz & I love electronic dance music. Not their hybrid though.

Couple of Weeks ago, i was at a Party where these Guys played.
Didn’t expect swingy Music, but it was a Hell lot of Fun :smiley:

Hi, Cory! My Groovelectric house music podcast has done several Swing House / Electro Swing mixes over the years. You can listen to them on the site, on iTunes music podcasts, or download them directly from the links below.

UPDATE: I couldn’t find my original login & had to open a new account. They’ll only allow 2 links for new users, so I apologize for the multiple posts! Set links follow in the next few posts. Yeesh.

Groovelectric Swing House / Electro House mixes:

The Swing Set
Brass Houses

Groovelectric Swing House / Electro House mixes:

Speaky Z
Trippin in Memphis

“I love jazz & I love electronic dance music. Not their hybrid though.” Yeah, reminds me of that great line from the Mighty Boosh song Eels: “Elements of the past and the future combining/To make something not quite as good as either.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwcF6ea2PMQ


I’ve been crazy about this genre for several years now. Even made a couple introductory mixes on Soundcloud.

Plug.dj has an electro-swing community that plays this stuff 24 hrs/day. Since I can’t put more than two links in a post, just add /boomswing-cabaret/ to their URL.

Aye, I’m not a fan of nu-rave either.

There is a great room on plug.dj, started on turntable.fm, called “boomswing cabaret.” Nice people, good exposure to new tracks. Soundcloud is also good, look for electroswing and boomswing tags. Also, the live shows that I’ve seen (so far Caravan Palace and Swingrowers) have been excellent. People actually singing and playing their instruments, imagine!

Tape Five is good; try Pantallons or Bad Boy Good Man
Love’n me some Dimie Cat - try Glam or La Voiture
Alice Francis has a great version of St. James Ballroom
Blue King Brown - Water

And I’ll second Club de Belugas and Parov Steller

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