Make any song swing


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It didn’t work very well with NYC Speedcore (NSFW language).


I tried with klezmer and accidentally made the greatest song ever.


That’s pretty amazing. I want technical details!


I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take, but I think it was defeated by Halber Mensch.


Swing? Gallumphing is more like it. Listen to any swing classic from the mid-1930s onward and compare the pulse. I recommend the Carnegie Hall concert version of the Goodman band’s “Sing Sing Sing” or (for a dose of Barbarba Stanwick, Martha Tilton, and Gene Krupa") the “Drum Boogie” sequence in “Ball of Fire.”


I recall a BB post from several years ago about how someone had written a Python script that did this. The only sample I can recall is Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O Mine’, but oh man, what a choice. No joke. Try it.


All the Neubauten files (in FLAC or MP3) I’ve uploaded have been greeted with a frowny face. I win, machine.


I have it on good authority that it is meaningless if it fails to contain swing. Swing, apparently, is all that is required.


Tried wavs and mp3 to no avail (yet). My material is obviously too rich for its blood. I win too.


I’ll just set this here, and then see myself out:


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