Eleven years and counting: EFF scores a major victory in its NSA mass surveillance suit

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I guess they’re hoping that before the case completes either everybody guilty of instituting the program will be dead, or there will no longer be rule of law in the USA

NSA: “What documents? Oh! You mean these pages filled with black bars? Sure, you can have as many as you want…in fact, we can even loan you our special printer that makes them for us. See? We’re complying with the courts’ orders…”

Rule of Law? get real, kids. Laws are made by people, not other laws.

The FBI, DHS and NSA are engaged in a hard-core, extra-judicial “disruption” campaign which targets innocent Americans as “potential domestic terrorists,” and robs them of their constitutional rights in the process.

Tens of thousands of Americans have been illegally targeted and terrorized by the NSA, FBI, DHS and private security contractors (think of a domestically-run “Blackwater”).

They engage in cyber-harassment, warrantless entries into homes and vehicles, destruction of careers and families through defamation of character and false accusations, overt and covert harassment.

They are utilizing tactics developed by the East German Stasi referred to as “Zersetzung.” This is a multi-billion dollar operation run out of the DoJ, with the help of the DHS. Retired FBI, DEA, and DHS employees open up private security companies and rake in huge money to help “monitor” (harass and destroy) innocent Americans who have been watch-listed without any due process.

It is a sadistic program which is being illegally run in the shadows. For the full story, check out the following DISQUS channel:

So do we all get to see what the EFF sees, or is there still some sort of secrecy law that applies?

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Maybe not. There may be an in-camera inspection of documents by the judge to determine which documents can be discovered. There may also be a protective order controlling who sees which documents and for what purpose.

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