Elisa and the Six Swans: A perfect jewel-box of a ride at the Netherlands' Efteling park

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That was very sweet. I assume the kids all know the story already and appreciate the ride all the more for it. I wasn’t familiar with it but here it is (bonus points for having an archbishop as the villain!):


Very nice video; nice steady camera. Damn short ride.


Definitely not an E ticket ride.

Ours is more of a shit-box kind of a ride:


Efteling is a quite famous themepark here in Europe one of the top theme parks along with Europapark.


Huh, that is nice. My first thought was “that’s it?!?” But this was followed by the realization that this ride isn’t for adults; it’s for little kids, to give them something safe, warm, and familiar, while also letting them indulge in the ride experience. Which makes me wish American parks had more stuff like this.

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Taken for a short, sweet ride. That’ll be $100, each.

Dark rides are very underrated as an art form. Recently the Meow Wolf group in Santa Fe developed an interesting ‘art ride’ for a defunct haunted house building in a theme park in Denver Colorado. Now that we have the free-moving robotic ride pod technology available, it offers the potential for many kinds of buildings to be repurposed for this sort of exhibit. We might be on the verge of a dark ride renaissance.

I don’t know if this is a reference I don’t get, but efteling is about 40 euros each

I’m not sure whether it’s the technology you describe, but Symbolica at efteling has independent pods (not on rails) with three slightly different paths depending on which line you queue in, meaning you have to ride three times to see the whole ride


I loved the whole park, although (typical brit) thought that it lost a little something if you don’t speak Dutch

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