Help save Oregon's Enchanted Forest

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If the Covid relief bill had made any sense, these are exactly the kind of places that should have gotten some. Obviously most of that went to bigger businesses that don’t need it


My favorite go-to on the east coast is Storyland. My two girls beg to go up for a weekend every year, and I’m happy to oblige. It’s about 1/10th the cost of Disney, it’s a driver and not a flier (north MA here), no 2 hour lines or need to buy “fast passes” (just get back in line and you’ll be on the ride again in 10 min), etc. The food isn’t as great, but you’re allowed to bring your own cooler in so who cares!

York’s Wild Kingdom in ME is a close second, but they are closed for the year.

I did the math a few years ago, and between flight, hotel, admission, food, incidentals, etc. we save a few grand spending a week up here rather than flying to Disney/Univeral for a weekend. That’s a lot of yeses to “Dad, can I get this, pleeeeese?” which makes them much happier than “no, I’m not paying $50 for a stuffed Olaf”. Not to mention we don’t have to burn 2 days traveling to/back.


That single file coaster looks sweet! This is exactly the sort of thing I would do if I were independently wealthy. I still have dreams of one day owning several acres of land in the mountains and putting together some sort of attraction for the public to enjoy. Of course, on my budget, it will more than likely resemble a much sketchier version of the Enchanted Forest. Probably more along the lines of Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Madmen. :roll_eyes:


Good on you. I don’t have kids, but if I did those are definitely the sort of places I would vacation. I’m glad I was able to grow up in a time where roadside attractions were more popular. Small independently owned places like that will always have a lot more heart than a soulless cash cow like the big “D”.


We took a little detour coming up through PA on a family vacation to go to Kennywood in Pittsburgh. It puts the trips to Canobie to shame.


Enchanted Forest is one of my favorite places in Oregon! It’s like a surreal, sixties wonderland. On top of the amusement dealing with covid, the owner and creators grandson also tragically perished in the Oregon wildfires this past summer. Its time to show Roger Tofte’s Enchanted Forest our support and keep this amazing place alive for further generations!


For someone raised on Disney vacations as a child, it’s not bad as an adult. The rides are fun. The laser gun ride Challenge of Mondor was my favorite. It’s clear a lot of work went into it when they refurbished it.

It’s these little places where the real magic is (screw you Disney!)

One place if you’re ever in NM is a place called Tinkertown. Built by one glorious madman, I’ve been a number of times, but still have yet to be able to take GirlChild to it (thanks COVID…)

this is like Roadside America n PA closing:

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My kids and I love Enchanted Forest. By all means, donate to them. But this is also true:

Just about all of our amusement parks in Massachusetts were taken over by developers and turned into condo projects. Whalom Park in Lunenburg had a whale in the middle of the lake that would pop up and spout. Lot’s of fun little kid stuff too.

Revere Beach (Revere Beach) and Nantasket Beach (Paragon Park) were more of a teenager experience. Revere Beach and Paragon Park were both developed into condos as well. These two were very easily accessible using public transportation from Boston MA.

I’m glad Oregon’s Enchanted Forest will remain open. Kids need this stuff.

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