After Disney humiliation, Florida governor DeSantis's revenge plan is to toll roads going into Disneyworld

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He’s still stinging from having Disney’s foot surgically removed from his ass.


2 thoughts: this only effects the tourists and not Disney really. As much as people spend on vacation there a few tolls and taxes won’t barely make a difference.
And it’s hilarious because everything DeSantis is doing is the opposite of what republicans say they’re about: interfering in free enterprise, raising taxes, big government etc. I guess all bets are off as long it’s in the name of punishing your perceived enemies.


I’d love a reporter to stand up and ask him “Mr. Governor, being the free market conservative that you are, I’d like to understand why you do not leave it to the market to determine whether a private business such as Disney has made the right choice with it’s policy of inclusivity and anti-discrimination?”


It certainly won’t stop anyone. But it will piss them off if they know. All Disney resorts should have a special line item for the new taxes, just to make it clear. So parents know that yes, they could have afforded that extra toy if DeSantis wasn’t a dick
Asshat wants to be president. But just announced something that will not affect Disney at all and piss off a couple million ppl around the country. Which is probably to the good, he would be a disaster as president for all the reasons we knew before. Now we have another reason- he’s got really thin skin.
Seriously. Do not fuck with the Mouse, DeSantis. You will lose.


They’ve never been about that… at least not since Nixon, and especially not since Reagan.


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That reminds me: Will he even be able to find a company competent to construct toll booths and tags readers? He has it out for Disney, But competent companies might not want to stick their necks out.
Are Disney employees a significant voting block? It really seems like they should be


I dunno, this is often a line I hear thrown around with Republicans these days. But I’m not even sure that Republicans themselves articulate their own platform in these terms anymore. It’s also really clear that Republican grievance politics and ability to outright lie to their constituents and get away with it kinda means that this line of questioning might be short-term cathartic but doesn’t exactly serve to shame.


I am planning a big “turning 50 birthday” trip next year and I already have a EZPass on my car, so the tolls won’t really bother me.

But one of the things we are planning to do is take Uber’s to the parks a lot of days (I’m turning 50, you better believe I’m am drinking my way around the world in Epcot!) and I bet the Uber drivers are going to feel that toll big time.

I’ve never ridden an Uber over a toll road … does it have a way to easily pass those tolls on to the rider?


Vindictive road controls that end up inconveniencing ordinary people more than the intended target is very on-brand tactic for a fascist thug. If he had his way he’d also demand that drivers show their IDs going in and out of the LGBTQ±friendly Reedy Creek Improvement District.


I’m sure that Disney’s political stances are for show and they’ll tough this one out like showdown at the house of mouse or whatever. But it’s getting kinda stupid to not consider building a third American park or to start funneling more money into Disneyland or something.


Call it the DeSantis tax, or the Republican tax. It’s true, after all.


Discouraging tourism in a state dependent heavily upon tourism is an interesting strategy.


Yep. Here’s another “toll” on the people:


Just this week there were articles on drought in Florida affecting Disney, as well as the temperatures being hotter than they have ever been at the resort. Hurricanes have threatened the park as well. Currently it costs too much to move the park to another location, but if things continue this way, that may not be the case soon. DeSantis really should cut his losses, although he won’t.


But ya GOT to pwn the libs!!! Else how will they learn!!! /s


Screw all those libs retiring to the villages and tripling their tax bills!


That’s a good question. My only experience with Florida toll booths is from when I was a kid and my family would drive down to St. Petersburg for two weeks every summer. When we went to the beach we’d drive to Treasure Island and pay the toll crossing the bridge. Then we’d park for free in a hotel parking lot because the patrols only looked for local cars and with Tennessee plates our car just blended in.

I’m pretty sure this petty maneuver by DeSantis will backfire in all kinds of ways, including tourists finding creative ways to get around it.


Yes, trolley roads!