Humpty Dumpty irreparably damaged after falling from wall


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One of the few regrets I have since going expat was never going to Enchanted Forest as a kid or teen. I remember blasting down I-5 from PDX to Eugene and every time thinking how I never got to go, my wife still talks about it.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Sorry, too soon?


Is this a case of life imitating art?

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The Enchanted Forest is one of the inspirations for the lame (and eventually defunct) Mother Goose themed park featured in a couple of episodes of The Simpsons.

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Just being thorough here, but did they try all the King’s horses and all the King’s men?


I rode past it for years as a child. Finally pulled over to investigate as an adult. This place is a homegrown Disneyland and totally a worthwhile stop for all mutants.

There should be somebody’s freaky attempt at being Walt Disney by the side of EVERY freeway in this great land of ours.


My parents took me there a few times as a kid… we had family in Oregon, we lived in Washington. Best amusement park ever, though I have to admit that’s through the eyes of an 8 year old. I have no idea what it looks like to adults as I haven’t been back since the 80’s.

Only downside is we didn’t stop there more often… we made multiple trips a year through Oregon and visited probably 3 times. Very sad news for a young kid.

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Almost. Still waiting for a VA appointment to open up.


I went there about two years ago. It has been carefully maintained and expanded. Let’s face it, any amusement park with a stucco cavern that connects to a secret tunnel that exits through a teepee has got to be top stuff. The haunted house should be a landmark.

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I’m impressed the two men survived, not from the fall but from getting up again and the lethal dose of irony that followed. If nothing else, you’d think their face cheeks would split from laughter and horror.


Never been to the Enchanted Forest, but I’ve been to the now-defunct Pixieland on the way to the coast.

Perhaps someone should write a poem about this tragedy.


Since one of the “men” is likely a woman, and the powers that be are trying to avoid a guffaw, no. Sad situation, as she probably happens to be the only one with a tool-belt, super glue, and lots of experience doing…erm…body work.

The irony! The hipster-grade irony!

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Well this is a blast from the past. My family used to drive down from Alaska (ferry from Juneau to Prince Rupert, B.C. then drive all the way down on I-5 once we hit the states.) We actually stopped there once in the mid 80’s I was young enough I only really remember the “squirrel cage” which were these giant caged wheels with seats inside and you’d get in and the whole thing would roll around and you’d go upside down. I also remembered it being kind of neat and kind of old/creepy as a kid. If I remember correctly there was an RV park right next to it with a “giant” (i was 6 or 7) water slide next to it. My parents took us to it because they knew it sucked and figured take us there once and we’d never whine to go back each time we drove by it. My parents had us kids figured out too damned well.

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