Elizabeth Warren proposes legislation to enshrine Roe v Wade in Federal law and guarantee reproductive health care in all insurance plans

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I really really really REALLY don’t want her to lose to Creepy Uncle Joe.


What doesn’t this lady already have a plan for?


I love Warren and have been a fan for many years. She’s the smartest person currently running and would make a terrific President. Sadly, smarts doesn’t win voters and frustratingly, I don’t see the DNC supporting her willingly.

Let’s hope the primaries actually bring the cream to the top so we can all get behind her (or him). Have to admit that I’m not very happy about the current Democratic clown car. We all saw what happened with the GOP version several years ago.


None of this shit will help once the Supreme Court decides that abortions are unconstitutional.


I doubt they’ll be able to find for that.

Likely the worst they could do is rule there’s no constitutional right to medical privacy. Which is what roe v wade is based on.


I … guess this could be an exercise of Congress’s interstate commerce power, if you squint? Otherwise, what’s the constitutional legislative hook here?

I like a whole lot of what Warren is proposing, but between this and the wealth tax, I am not convinced any of it is going to pass muster as constitutional–especially in a judiciary that has been coopted by the federalist society.


They could absolutely rule that fetuses are persons. I doubt they’d go that far but I wouldn’t put it past Alito et al. to devise some kind of “personhood lite” that recognizes due process rights for fetuses.


without the senate? how?

also impossible without the senate, replacing RBG

fixing this is 3 years too late

Across the board, I really don’t want all of us to lose to creepy, capitalist, misogynist, fundamentalist conservatives.



If her campaign plan is as savvy as her policy proposals have been, she’ll run first in Iowa, be top 2 or 3 coming out of New Hampshire, and have a decent shot at the whole thing. Fingers crossed.

If it’s creepy uncle Joe, well, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him then. Still far superior to the clown show we have in office now.


This is the correct take.


Cool, the kind of necessary, highly-popular legislation that Mitch McConnell can kill in the Senate!


Biden only makes sense as a one-term president. If he is smart, he will pick Warren for VP and let her run policy in the background. Then she can take the reigns in 2024.


Thomas? Alito? Gorsuch? Mothfuckin Kavanaugh? They’ll decide life begins when the woman takes off her bra.


Right on, Liz.

Nevertheless, we PERSIST.

Of everyone throwing their hats in the ring thus far, she seems to be vying the hardest to get the vote of intersectional people like me.

I’ll vote for whoever ends up with the Dem nom; but damn, some actual CHANGE FOR THE BETTER would be nice, for once.


Kiss your jobs goodbye, men, because any little flaw in your medical record will be why you’re unemployable if R v W is overturned. Especially in “right to work” states.


That’s cool. But it runs into the same certainty of court challenge as all the state bans cropping up. And those bans are popping up because the Right wants excuses to challenge abortion access in the courts. If we’re worried about the current Supreme Court’s response to that sort of thing this seems unwise. The state bans can at least be challenged based on state constitutions, keeping Kavanaugh out of the mix. And that’s an approach that’s worked the last couple of times this game of chicken has come up.

It would be a good policy generally speaking. But I just don’t see what it does to deescalate the current situation. I don’t see how its a response. You can’t prevent the supreme court from over turning something by giving them a pathway to overturn it.

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The whole thing seems like it’s a dead-bang loser in the current judiciary.

Which, frankly, is why I’m starting to come around to court packing. At best it’s a temporary solution till the next time Congress changes hands, but the bad-faith handling of judicial nominations demands some kind of response.