Republican senator blocks bill that would protect IVF

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“Human-animal “shim-er-ahs” “ - she said.

Do they really believe this shit? Or do they simply unthinkingly read whatever the Heritage Foundation puts in front of them? Which is worse?


I think that’s academic at best. Regardless of which it is, they’re hurting people.


Republican? More line Republican’t, AmIRight?


Because women should only conceive when the east wind blows under their loincloths, or something…


Even TFG said he supports IVF. (Not because he actually believes in reproductive rights obviously, but because he knows there’s no advantage for him in trying to ban it.)


Remember when a bunch of them were convinced schools were putting litter boxes in bathrooms?

They currently have a ‘only smart people know the truth’ line about public schools giving hormones and sex changes to students IN SECRET hiding it from parents (as if somehow you could get a sex change op and just go home like nothing happened).

They BELIEVE this stuff - I have no idea how we re-engage with people who are hooked on national enquirer politics.


Oh I know the “Heritage not hate”, brown people displacing us, anti-“woke” idiot base believe it, they believe fucking anything that’s why they’re the base. I mean do these pieces of shit in congress really believe it?

But I guess it doesn’t really matter, the damage is the same


I was reading about some representatives in Alabama who supported their decision until they heard the orange guy said he supports IVF so they changed their minds.

One guy said this after he changed his mind.

IVF is something that is so critical to a lot of couples. It helps them breed great families.


So they don’t really believe it, they’re just craven spineless cowards without an Iota of integrity.


Gotta keep those alchemists in line…


“We only said that breaking eggs fell within the scope of wrongful death in a state supreme court decision, under logic that would pretty readily suggest that it’s murder if it’s medical staff doing it intentionally rather than someone messing with the fridge; but we absolutely didn’t ban omelets!”

It seems far safer to assume bad faith than ignorance or failure of imagination; but either way Hyde-Smith’s position is deeply obnoxious.

On another matter; does anyone know why Duckworth would have brought the measure forward under unanimous consent requirements? What’s the procedural benefit(either in terms of advancing the motion, speed of execution, or other) that justifies the risk of needing a zero-asshole senate to succeed?


It bypasses committee - and all other rules to get a question to a floor vote - it forces them (the Republicans) to say no without the ability for them to tie it up in procedure until after the election.

This was done knowing the answer purely to get an ‘on the record’ attack against the Republican side.


So… (I’m a little afraid to say this for giving them ideas, but) What do they think is going to happen with all those embryos sitting in cold storage? Do they intend to require they all get implanted?


Fuck that guy to the end of time. My family is not a “brood.”


Don’t be silly!

Just the white ones.


It never hardened into a requirement(and, whether because the movement itself lost interest or because generalist media did seems to have lost much of the limelight; wasn’t able to find statistics over time, if anyone has some I’d be fascinated); but back during the administration of Bush the lesser “snowflake children” or “snowflake babies” and “embryo adoption” had a big moment; with the most photogenic specimens brought on stage to provide cute culture-of-life cred during political events.

I’m not sure that that movement ever really grappled with the fact of the embryos that go unused due to defects or low expected viability; it was mostly about the ones considered good implantation candidates that proved to be unnecessary because earlier IVF rounds produced as many children as the patient wanted or the patient’s plans changed; but (in addition to being what seems like a perfectly reasonable move to use available viable embryos for people who want lives births but either don’t have viable gametes or don’t want to undergo the rigors of egg harvest) that was definitely pitched as a jesus-approved circle squaring for anyone who didn’t want to admit that wanting IVF access (and, though it’s easier to ignore, since the failures happen on their own, reproduciton generally) has pretty strong elements of treating early-stage embryos as a means rather than an end.


In Louisiana it has been illegal for years for an IVF clinic to destroy embryos. The “solution” is that there are IVF facilities in the state, but all of the storage is done by out-of-state facilities. As Louisiana just elected a governor that intends to challenge Abbott and Desantis as worst governor in the US, I expect the LA laws to get worse unless national legislation is passed


As Kurt Vonnegut said:

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

Perhaps they began not believing, but they’ve been repeating it for so long they’ve internalized it into their actual beliefs.


More generously, maybe to give everyone an opportunity to do the right thing. It’s on this other Senator for blocking it.