Elon Musk gave assistant 2-week test when she asked for raise, and she failed


I care - I want to hear his side of the story - but I also don’t trust him one iota. It’s in his interest to maintain his image by trying to deny the story. It’s if Mary Beth Brown comes forward and says it’s bullshit that I’ll really sit up and listen.

Especially considering that his ex-wife(who he’s still on amicable terms with, apparently) came forward and said that he divorced her in much the same way, by announcing that he didn’t need her because his life had gone smoothly in her absence, while she was away seeing family in Canada. If she thinks the way MBB was fired sounds like something he’d do, and sounds exactly like something he did to her, then maybe I’m thinking Elon is trying to bullshit his way out of a tight PR spot.

We’re talking about a guy who, when a customer had suspension troubles due to a manufacturing issue that gained some negative press, accused said customer of being part of an anti-tesla conspiracy and of intentionally breaking his car, while also accusing an Auto-industry analyst of running an anti-Tesla defamation blog. Both of those things were easily fact-checkable, and turned out to be not true - Manufacturing issue, as I said, and the Industry Analyst turned out to have nothing to do with the blog, the blog just linked to and republished - without permission - an article he wrote elsewhere at one point.

When, I might add, he could have literally made the entire issue go away with a round of applause in his favor by just saying he would replace the broken part at the company’s expense, and given the guy a loaner tesla for the interim while the work was being done, costing the company, what, maybe 1500 parts, labor and other costs inclusive, 2k max.

Oh, and he also suggested that a Tesla employee complaining about long hours, low pay, high turnover, high injury rates and generally poor conditions at the Tesla factory was part of a Union conspiracy against Tesla. Again, all of those claims proved true, and Elon’s conspiracy theory turned out to be easily debunked.

Dude literally has a history of posting easily fact-checkable lies whenever a story embarrasses him or his company. I have zero doubt he’d not think twice about doing it again.


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What the…? Oh, wait, you’re in America, aren’t you?

I don’t care much for this idea that if you don’t run yourself into the ground for the greater glory of your boss, you’re some kind of grotesque moral deficient.


There’s a lot of bad-faith assumptions being made here about fellow posters, resulting in some rude posts being eaten. Association or otherwise with ANY group very likely increases the chances you will have a stronger opinion. Perhaps for, Perhaps against. I would strongly recommend that anyone reading anything on the net be skeptical of strong opinions.

However, there’s a big difference between scepticism and suggesting deceptive intent. If believe someone is trolling, flag the post. Otherwise please refrain from questioning others intentions.


Capitalism existed before and after Adam Smith. We just had nine years of a Conservative government in Canada that bent over backwards for the fossil fuels industry. You know a supposedly free market party that resent government picking winners. I also recall reading the Wealth of Nations and missed the part where big oil gets a free ride.



I was working on the theory that the story simply wasn’t true, as I had been told it simply wasn’t true. I am happy to revise that theory with more information. I’m far more interested in the reflexive defense of authority, and how that reflexive defense changes when it turns out the authority in question doesn’t defend that thing themselves.

At the same time, I’m interested that the thread before someone posted Musk’s response was remarkable devoid of that position. I watched Jimmy Kimmel do a bit where they go on the street, find people who support Trump, and ask them questions based on false presmies, like, “What do you think Trump meant when he asked Putin at the G20, ‘How much will a win in 2020 cost me?’” The response is, “Oh, I’m sure he was just talking about politics to someone who knows how hard elections can be,” not “What? Did he really say that?”

If I was under the impression that Musk was a saint (rather than being under the impression that he’s some guy because I don’t know much about him) and I heard this story, I would say, “That doesn’t sound like him.” Sure, it’s not an argument but it’s an opinion I’d actually form.

That’s because I start from a place of having an idea of what is right and what is wrong, I judge actions based on that sense, and I resolve conflicts between my understanding of people’s character and their actions rather than pretend those conflicts don’t exist, or being flexible about what’s right and wrong based on my affection for the person doing it.

Well, I’m not exactly surprised, and I probably should have been less sure sounding in my post. In general I start from a place of assuming people don’t make easily fact-checkable lies in public, but you’ve got to be ready to be wrong, don’t you?


I make of it that you have admitted your bias in favor of the company in question; thank you.

Also to answer your question, even though:

A) I never used the words “I promise.”


B) You have since grown incensed and departed the forum, saying that “you were done.”

“What do I think about Tesla & Westinghouse?”

I think that was a poor attempt at deflection which I recognized and duly disregarded.


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