Elon Musk puts threat to abandon Twitter deal in writing

Oh, he’s probably got about a 50/50 chance of his post-failure histrionics including something that twitter can point to as a bannable offence. Likely only a temporary one, but it’ll still be hilarious.


This $1 billion penalty wont be paid off any time soon. It will be decade(s) of litigation before any funds are disbursed. In the end, he probably will “only” have squandered $250-500 million in 2022 $USD.

Well, we are in the worst timeline…


Wait a minute!

Is It the very plot of an Episodes of the New season of Love+Death+Robots?


Yet another series I am woefully behind on!

Lately we’ve been binge-watching Star Trek Discovery on Paramount+. If you haven’t seen it, it’s yet another Star Trek spinoff, but this time the starship is driven by magic mushrooms. (Not even kidding!) Despite my description, it’s not bad, but it does require quite a bit of willing suspension of disbelief.


The premise behind the Noah’s Ark myth was that he was supposed carry the animals to a place where they would have a BETTER chance of survival.

There is virtually no environmental cataclysm imaginable which would render Earth less habitable than Mars, either for our species or any other species we have yet encountered. You’d basically have to smack the Earth with a celestial body the size of the moon and turn the surface of the planet into molten lava to make it less appealing than the red planet, and in a scenario like that the Mars colonists would be screwed anyway since we haven’t even begun figuring out how to make a stable, completely self-sufficient biosphere.


Maybe the scam is that EM will land all the rockets in the middle of the Gobi Desert during the winter. They are all going to live underground so how would they know the difference?

China will be offered free Space-X flights for their satellites, for as long as they don’t kick the squatters out.


I was wondering if someone could make a decent movie based on the idea though – kind of a combination of Titanic and Fyre Festival. I think there might need to be an alien intervention to keep it from getting too bleak though.

It’s funny how the most important part of building a city on another planet is also the one we could do right here on earth, figuring out the enclosed biosphere, but somehow people like Musk don’t have the slightest interest in it. Almost as if they aren’t interested in solving the challenges, they just like talking up how awesome their vehicles are.

“Hey, my bones aren’t disintegrating from the prolonged effects of 3/8 gravity at all! What gives?”


It must be because of the Musk brand gruel we eat every day!


The Martian, except Matt Damon is a rich asshole who is left all alone because he ended up eating his rich asshole crewmates after they collectively realized how much work it takes to grow potatoes.

Also, instead of getting rescued he just dies of cancer from all the surface radiation.


Maybe If they had some Can-D…


More efficient to create a technology for the proles to escape misery right here on Earth. Metaverse, anyone?


Someone did! As for whether it’s decent, YMMV:

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Hmph. I personally think the Koch brothers are stuck to the bottom of the cesspit of humanity; right next to Murdoch. The only reason I don’t have Bezos sharing the same depths of sewage is because he funded ‘The Expanse’ for its final seasons. (How’s that for a fine line?)

But really, it’s hard to name a billionaire that isn’t the absolute worst scum of the earth.


I was thinking the same thing. Like if he’s having a mid life crisis, there’s always Ibiza.


Not that this would be feasible, but if an evening of hooker and blow went for $500, Musk would have enough to treat every US man, woman and child for an evening of hooker and blow.

“Not feasible” is definitely, um, one problem with that example. :neutral_face:


The psych department staff at uni were 1,000 times more interesting than my engineering classmates, so I hung around with the former and was always entertained by a particular assistant prof there who didn’t think very much of engineers, in general. He sniffed at the notion of colonizing Mars (a needless expense, in his opinion), and said that if we absolutely positively needed to send people there, that it be murderers, rapists, etc. I think he’s still around and would likely suggest that EM also make the trip.

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Twitter has reportedly thrown its $44 billion buyout by Elon Musk to a shareholder vote, which could take place around late July or early August.



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