Elon Musk says Tesla 'Battery Day' and shareholder meeting on September 15

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Say what you will about the guy (which is quite a lot including the thing about him naming his newborn the Windows XP startup sound), but at least his companies are doing a decent job helping drive green tech and space travel.


I guess these will be glass electrolyte batteries. If so, they will also be way less flammable than current lithium polymer ones.
While I wouldn’t buy a Tesla car due restrictions in their firmware and lack of available spare parts, such batteries would be awesome for custom electric conversions, and will probably be quite cheap when bought used in a few years due to planned obsolescence of Tesla firmware.


might be more than few years, tesla’s touting them as million mile batteries, i’d be surprised to see them shoehorn in planned obsolescence.

He’ way madder than a hatter, but, dammit, improving battery tech is incredibly important.


For the battery almost certainly no, for the rest of the car I’d be surprised if they changed their current business practices.

oh yeah definitely, if you haven’t you should watch RichRebuilds on youtube


As long as he doesn’t throw an iron ball at it to shownhow tough it is…

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I thought that Battery Day was when he beat the employees?


Possible, but the “cell-to-pack” change in battery architecture is likely to be a big part of the announcement. Here’s a good article on it:

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Thanks for the article link. “cell-to-pack” will definitely make batteries cheaper to produce, lighter and less complex, but can it significantly extend their lifetime? I think some changes to cell chemistry would be required for that.

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