Elon's most recent "significant" changes to "X" are not significant

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Xitter can be a world class propaganda platform! But we e need to incentivize people who can shitpost their way into being important cogs in this infernal machine/


So, pay and follow me, and if you get your aunts and cousins to pay and follow as well, you’ll eventually get it for free?

I have never heard of such a big-brain triangle-like idea before. What a genius.


I was momentarily confused, with the bit about 5000 followers - people with fewer than a million followers, I think, had their verified status revoked. But we’re talking about paid account followers, and I really wonder who has 5000 of those. Most of the paid accounts are either scammers or right-wing tr0lls (with a few people who rely on Twitter for income and need the features). So I assume anyone with 2500 or more blue check mark followers is either one of the most popular accounts on Twitter (e.g. Obama, with 132 million overall followers), or they’re specifically one of the most popular accounts with right-wing tr0lls (I dunno, “Libs of TikTok” with 3 million overall followers?).

I’m sure Obama would be thrilled to find out he’s getting a free “premium” account.

It’s a pyramid scheme where this is the pyramid: :poop:


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