Emboldened by the LA teachers' "blue state" victory, Denver's teachers declare strike


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We Are The Union!
The Mighty Mighty Union!


The teachers’ unions get real results again and again, and yet a huge number of American workers in the private sector seem immune to seeing that outcome. There are few better measures of the effectiveness of 40 years of conservative propaganda than this.


Things are complicated here. While the union has voted for a strike, the district has asked the state to intervene. This brings on a lot of new legal complications and could delay any walkout for weeks.


And then the Denver schoolboard threatened to report immigrant teachers to ICE if they went on strike. Hold the fascist line there, DPS administration!
(of course, once called on it, they said ‘oops, we didn’t really mean to say such things.’)


“but we’ll do it anyway”


The teachers in my kid’s district are getting ready to strike also; I hope the outcome is as good as what the LA teachers got.

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