Colorado Senate Republicans introduce legislation to fire, imprison striking teachers


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They can introduce this but I just don’t see Gov Hickenlooper signing it.

In other Colorado news, the supreme court just invalidated resident swamp creature Doug Lamborn from running for a 7th term.

Since he represents my district, all I can say is… YAY!! This guy is a serious RWNJ in a district that is famous for their RWNJs. However, no Democrat has ever won the 5th district so it’s a Pyrrhic victory.


I’m sure there’s an intellectually cogent argument for how imprisonment for noncompliance is an ethically consistent facet of ‘right to work’?

And, if not, I have no doubt that the white knights of libertarianism will come rushing forward to condemn this coercive market interference by the dead hand of the state against a voluntary association?


this will backfire spectacularly - watch the gop get run outta town on a rail by a contingent of newly elected reps consisting of former educators


Somehow, that just don’t seem Constitutional…



I’m just amused as hell that Doug Lamborn couldn’t manage to get 1000 registered voters in El Paso County to sign a petition. Signing one petition doesn’t forbid one from signing another.

Lazy, stupid, corrupt. Not much difference.


To which, of course, the correct response is “Go ahead, fire us all, and throw us all in prison. Every last teacher in the state.”

It would suck, but in the end it would do more for the teachers’ cause than any other possible action (except for a sudden outbreak of political sanity, that would work too, but I’m trying to be realistic here).


Republicans are among the most amazing creatures on the planet. They consistently want to hurt people who are trying to better their own lives. Teachers are givens responsibilities that are overwhelming, they are given blame for not turning lazy smart-assed idiot children into ivy league candidates, they can’t provide either their gifted or challenged kids the material they need. And because they want to have a salary that reflects the effort they expend the fucking republicans want to put them in jail. Somewhere along the line a teacher failed those republican bastards because they allowed them to live.


The bill, which was introduced this past Friday, is sponsored by State Rep. Paul Lundeen and Sen. Bob Gardner, both Republicans.

TGOP’ers are just begging for that ass kicking in November.

Hold the presses!


Let me know when the GoFundMe page is set up for these teachers. I’m in.


And if that doesn’t work, we chain them to their desks!


Colorado Republicans are determined to be especially vile this year. I really hope we don’t lose the governor’s seat to them this year.

Also a side note, I agree that teachers and schools need more funding, but how effective is a strike going to be with TABOR? I can see them forcing the legislature to meet commitments already in law, but any new funding is going to have to go to the voters.


So much for the much-touted Republican refrain: “free speech”, which is for corporations to buy politicians, influence elections and the news and for “religion” to bypass discrimination laws.


I think the Alamosa Republicans very succinctly explain their own morals in this now deleted tweet, “Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat. Republicans hate poor people because they think the dignity of man is above being poor.”


Similar event happened in Zimbabwe last week.

Today the sitting government reversed its decision.


Sounds like slavery, with extra steps.


Teachers going to jail for striking? Damn dont they know that this only leads to more intelligent and therefore dangerous fellons?

I mean chem teachers will teach wannaby methcooks, Math teachers all the tricksters bookers and bankers, Biologyteachers will bring the potgrowers up to speed etc.
This is a breeding bed for realy dangerius supervillians!


You say this like it’s a bad thing…

Why isn’t this a long running comic book series?


Then they came for the Trade Unionists…