Crowdfunding to help West Virginia's striking teachers


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Thank you for posting this, @doctorow. Donated.


SO TIRED of public teachers getting shafted, especially recently. Have to wait until I can get to my wallet to donate (they don’t take paypal), but will then.


Wondering how many of them voted for trump and his tax cuts and obamacare repeal.


Meanwhile, in Florida:

Teachers: We need more funding for education NOW!

Florida Legislature: We recognize that so we’re going to fast-track a new $67 million education spending bill!

Teachers Oh wow. Thank—

Florida Legislature: Here you go!


Among the teachers? Probably a much lower percentage than the general population.




Thread with some relevant history:


On related subjects: (a) Graduate assistants at the U. of Illinois are about to enter their second week of a strike, and (b) Janus vs. AFSCME, now being considered at the Supreme Court, is likely to be decided in favor of Janus; this will effective kill all public sector unions, including teachers unions.


The article below defends your point and still:

“If you polled the teachers who showed up to protest, odds are good that the majority voted for Trump and don’t regret it.”






is there room for that still?



What this discussion reminds me is that politicians are politicians no matter what their party affiliation is, and they can’t reliably be trusted to do what’s right for everyday working people and their families.


They all voted for Trump. West Virginia is “Anyone But Clinton” territory. They hate her around here with a burning passion that even exceeds their distrust of Obama. I’m not kidding or exaggerating. They hold Bill Clinton personally responsible for the War on Coal as well as globalization. Hillary is cursed publically by probably half of the Democrats in office in WV.

But that is not important right now. Right now we look to our Labor roots and support our strikers.


Just got back from WV a week ago. Was fortunate enough to speak to a few teachers who are friends of the family. Seems all of em have had second jobs for many years.

Truth is you can’t really put the blame for the declining economy & tax base in WV on either party or blame one particular politician. WV really has been in bad shape for a very long time.

No it certainly isn’t. Not even going to come close. Its a nice gesture but probably you can’t even call it a bandaid on cancer.

Interesting. I heard that organization’s name come up in conversation and it was followed by some very colorful language.

The ones I talked to did not. They don’t even associate this situation with the current or previous POTUS. As above, this is part of a very long term problem with the overall economy and tax base.

As above, that doesn’t seem to align with what I heard from some teachers.


Who needs teechurz when you got a future of clean coal coming?