Ron DeSantis adds cops and firefighters to the list of new Florida "teachers"

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Dear teachers in Florida,

I’m so sorry that your governor is a weenie head with delusions of fasci grandeur. If you have the means, please come to any other state, there’s a shortage everywhere and they would LOVE to have your experience.

Yes, I know he’s trying to destroy the Florida school system so he can parts it to his sycophantic donors. This is one stone in the foundation. But I also don’t see how anything changes in the near future.

Whatever you choose, we support you.


The People of the United States of America, not the Fasci State of Delusion


Anti-intellectualism translated to policy: it’s the fascist way.


“Hmmmm. How can I legally get teachers to pass an ideological test for employment? Maybe just hire ‘teachers’ from another public service sector known for being very right wing!”


This guy sucks.


I’m so fucking tired of this approximate mold of a human.




I am a tenured college professor with a Master’s Degree. I guess that means I’d be automatically qualified to command a battalion of troops or assess the structural integrity of a building in the midst of a five-alarm fire.

Oh, wait. It doesn’t work in that direction?

Funny, that.


“You see institutions being infected with ideology at the expense of facts and reality.”

In Florida, that starts at the governor’s mansion.


The veterans announcement led to a lot of very messy discourse around whether veterans would make good teachers. Messy discourse is easily boiled down and manipulated into “look at these left-wingers, they hate veterans.” It even has some “I love the poorly educated” sauce on it. Republicans need this kind of division after the burn-pit vote finally made people sit up and take some measure of notice after decades of Republicans shafting veterans to no loss of suport. I’m sure DeSantis saw the results and thought “hey, let’s just re-run the play on police and firefighters, the more division, the better!” and set back police reform back a few years and raise a few bucks in the process.

Of course, all that on top of the same long- medium-term (they’re getting close!) goal of “dismantle public education via a thousand cuts” and “teachers are woke and grooming your children” bullshit.



I guess the idea of giving them better pay is out of the question?


“At the end of the day, if you look at what’s happening in our society, you see institutions being infected with ideology at the expense of facts and reality,”

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I preferred Rue McClanahan’s


When ever I see this sort of foolishness about public schools, I have to remind myself what the ultimate goal is for these folks: The complete destruction of public schooling in order to replace with private schooling.

There is no other way to understand their motives but to completely remove the quality and accessibility of free education. We can get caught up at each issue chipping away, but the years of tiny and mid-size cuts amount to their ultimate goal of declaring public education unfit.

Having attended a school run under the Roman Catholic church doctrine, I would much rather see a quality public educational system than what I received. There’s too much I lost out on in regards to quality education and personal development that has taken me decades to recover from.


Jesus Christ, everything DeSantis proposes seems to have at least fascist overtones. In this case, well, good luck convincing cops to take the pay cut to be teachers. Though maybe they’re hoping for retired cops, so they’re doubly conservative.

He explained that he’d rather see officers and firefighters “with real world experience” teach children

Not even “real world” experience in the subject they’re teaching. Just “real world experience.” Experience of the world. Yeah, great plan.

Also, there’s a monstrous teacher shortage in red states like Florida that have made it impossible for people to teach. So there’s that, too. Two birds, one bullet.

There really seems to be this entrenched idea that teaching simply doesn’t require its own set of skills and knowledge, being a teacher is, instead, an absence of skills. (As evidenced by the familiarity with the Shaw quote, “those who can’t, teach,” but the obscurity of the Aristotle quote “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”) The irony is, if you believe that to be true, you end up with an educational system full of terrible teachers - who then convince another generation of students of that belief.


Boy, sure looking forward to DeSantis’ reaction the first time a cop/teacher shoots a first grader. (Probably, he’ll legalize murder on school grounds…)


Oh c’mon, what could go wrong? It worked out fine in Kindergarten Cop! /s

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When is the gubernatorial election for Florida, again?