Florida bans AP Psychology courses across the state

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Looks like they found a way to keep enrollment up at Florida’s universities.


What with all the desantis “slit their throats on ‘day one’” comments…

shouldn’t wonder that he wants to avoid any psychological acumen


Next they will ban AP Geography. We cannot teach the students that the “rest of the world” exists, or that many countries are inhabited by Brown People.

And the roundness of the world is in doubt, too.


Ron served as a legal advisor* to Seal Team 1; so I guess he might be an expert at paper cuts. :roll_eyes:


Twofold goal here, I think: Destroy education at every level, and destroy anyone and anything who says the authoritarian ruler is wrong.


Can students take the course online from a teacher in another state? If the student paid a nominal fee to the teacher and DeSantis tried to block the student from taking the class, could that allow the federal government to step in under the Commerce Clause?

And what if some prestigious university were to state that due to Florida’s educational standards not meeting their requirements, they would reject out of hand any applications for admission from Florida students?

As a thought experiment, what if Harvard did that? Sure, DeSantis would scream himself hoarse about “Woke” but how would rich residents of Florida, expecting their children to follow them into Harvard Law and having those expectations dashed, react? Would they blame Harvard or DeSantis?


You know things aren’t going so great when schools cancel classes because they’ve banned the discussion of, well… facts.

I vaguely remember a case, some decades back, where some fundamentalists didn’t want their kid(s) to learn about (the existence of) Africa (because there were non-Christians there).


I’ve felt like I’ve been living inside a bad YA novel for most of a decade now, but this news cycle…

I mean this is just such an unbelievably bad YA novel. Like if my kid was into this series I’d be seriously considering an intervention.

Literal dead bodies piling up in Greg Abott’s Cruealty Net?
De Santis banning AP Psychology? Really? What’ll they have him do next, kick a dog? Put out his cigar on someone’s hand?
And what the fuck is George Santos even supposed to be?


He banned it cause he’s nuts!


Florida; where everything goes to die.


Math is the devil’s work, and will be banned next; “I got fingers and toes, ain’t I? Dagnabit, I don’t need to count higher than twenty! Any higher than that will let the devil in.”


The creationists used that tactic for a while, because there’s a lot about Africa that makes evolution hard to dismiss. It was one of many many tactics they’ve used over the years to keep basic biology out of US schools. Lately they’ve been winning with things like “teach the controversy”, a tactic to make it seem like evolution isn’t settled science.


Guys can count to twenty-one. :disguised_face:


They (the fascists) are coming for evolution next. Just watch.


Take note, that he’s not generally speaking targeting science and the like. He’s specifically targeting anything that is a direct challenge to the narrative that patriarchal, white supremacists wish to indoctrinate white children into - he’s going after any history that factually talks about slavery or racism, and any courses that focus on anything outside of a biblical world view with regards to gender and sexuality. He’s most likely not going to ban evolution or geography.

That’s not how this is working. Their focus is targeted, and it’s clearly not anything that has to do with STEM.

I doubt it.


It would not show up on the student’s high school transcript if they took the class that way.


They have never stopped coming for evolution. When I was going to public school in rural Alabama, I remember the day SCOTUS declared that prayers in public schools was a violation of the Constitutional guarantee of the separation of church (religion) and state.

My agriculture teacher was hoppin’ mad. These people are aggrieved and have yet to understand they lost the Civil War. I used to work with an Irish woman who lived in the Deep South for awhile. She said she felt right at home, culturally, but that Southerners just needed to let go of that fuckin’ “Lost Cause” narrative - which they refuse to do.


Fingers crossed.


The political climate in FLA these days makes it apparent that science teachers will soon have to include the story of a naked lady and a talking snake into their classes.
The sooner we accept it the better. It will give us more time in math class to compute how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.