Now any Floridian can ask to have public schools' science and literary curriculum censored


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First up: an old book of genocide, incest, violence, hatred, and sex. Sometimes called “The Holy Bible.”


But I like that album.

Oh, you mean the other Holy Bible. Song of Solomon should be enough to get it banned on it’s own.


Citizens have been able to make such requests in lots of places for years. The scary part is how likely such a request will succeed.



Hello. As an Ultra-Orthodox follower of the FSM, I believe all instructional materials are inherently pornographic (is that a belief of the FSM crowd, by chance?) I’d like to schedule my hearings for each textbook used, every handout, quiz, test, etc.

I believe the other members of my faith also have concerns, but naturally, they will schedule their own hearings.


Because it’s obligatory at this point.


Does the process work both ways? Can anyone demand that something be added to the curriculum? I assume so otherwise the people behind this won’t be able to force schools to teach kids about the supernatural origins of earth.

I can’t even harbor the hope that this is just a way to placate these morons and that this “unbiased hearing officer” will simply brush them off with a “Ok, thanks for your input! We’ll take it under consideration!” while doing nothing. I suspect the more likely scenario is they’ll just agree to censor whatever people demand to get these yapping idiots off their back.


It seems like this is ripe for trolling and that may be its weakness. Just have a bunch of random people challenge anything and everything as pornographic or whatnot. Tie up the bureaucrats with so many mandatory hearings that the system becomes untenable and they can’t sort out the censoring bigots from the absurdist protesters.


The Satanists better be all over this stat.


…that means that anyone in Florida, regardless of whether they are the parent of a Florida pupil, can ask for an “unbiased hearing officer” to censor the teaching materials used in Florida classrooms.

No, it really doesn’t. As logically anybody could have asked for such a thing prior to the signing of this legislation, and some probably did ask. If you mean that the state is more likely to grant them this censorship than it was before, that would be noteworthy.


So, something like this?


The far-right have made a common mistake, and forgot that these kinds of rules and laws apply to people who have different opinions to them as well. I can see this being a lot of fun to fuck with the process.


I would just like to salute the elevation of “Bugs saws off Florida” to the lead image for this article.


In Nigeria influence money helps w/ those tough decisions from a single (unbiased) decision maker.


As a perpetually optimistic Canadian, I think that ‘this too shall pass’. Natural selection will make it happen.

Choosing to limit or restrict certain topics due to faith inherently makes their children (and subsequent generations) less competitive and ultimately less successful - much like those who avoid certain medical treatments. Smart people will see the markers on this and adapt.

My worry is that the population of ‘less intelligent’ starts to surpass ‘more intelligent’. Then - as we are seeing right now with US Policy - there is the potential for massive-scale retardation of competence and competitiveness, which usually leads to conflict of some kind or another as the mouth-breathing populace does not have (or know) many options.

Refer to DMZ for one possible/implausible outcome :wink:


But I like that book.


You don’t think that that’s just going to happen anyway?


I object to the pornography in the Bible! I object to Veggie Tales! I object to children even learning the name of the state they reside in! I think we should object to everything that’s being taught, until nothing gets taught.


Their incantations do offer them a +50% on saving throws v. unintentional irony.