In LA, the teachers of America's largest school district are on strike

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The LA Unified School District – whose billionaire superintendent was installed thanks to oceans of dark money fronted by the charter school lobby

I don’t understand how anyone can be a billionaire and a proponent of school privatization while claiming to be a liberal and a Democrat. What world is this?

Dammit I hope the teachers can get a win on this and the powers at be can’t use it as an excuse to hamstring teacher’s unions like they have in Michigan.


The only way we educators are going to get ahead of the relentless attacks on education and our unions is a nation wide teacher strike. I’m wearing Red for Ed today in support of a former student of mine, who is a Kindergarten teacher in LA.


I watched the News coverage and saw the list of demands, as well as what the school system was offering back.
Supposedly, it’s “all about the kids” but the first demand us s 6% pay raise, retroactive for the last year.
The school agreed to the 6%, but over the next 2-years.
There were a couple other demands which had reasonable counter-offers
It’s not about “the kids”, it’s always about their pay.
Show me in time where a pay increase was not
in their demand list.
The Charter Schools are sucking away students and the cash they bring. Why is that?
Folks are looking for a better alternative
Since tax-payers are paying teacher’s salaries, benefits, healthcare etc ., do they realize
by rooting for the teachers they’re rooting for higher taxes or cuts to other services?
“We love teachers” , but why are their demands
(For the Children!) are always about higher pay?

The ‘other demands’ related to class sizes, which are currently over 30 in many instances, and full-time support staff like librarians and nurses. The district is claiming that declining enrollment means that schools can’t have full-time nurses, but if that was the case, then the district shouldn’t be setting up new campuses with their own facility, admin and support staff costs for the number of new charters that open every year.


Because wages in constant dollars haven’t risen in decades and with inflation if you don’t get a raise you’re getting a pay cut?

They teach you about things like inflation in schools.


Pay raises are always in a union “demand” list because a) inflation is a thing and b) it’s no different than you negotiating with your boss for a raise, they’re just doing it collectively.

Also, teachers don’t generally get paid OT, despite working a shitton of it. Quite often things in the classroom, like basic supplies are coming from the teacher’s own pockets. I am guessing that your workplace provides the tools you need to do your job. Not so for most teachers.

Charter schools keep being outed as a con, quite often staffed with un or under qualified teachers and staff. Their main purpose is not to educate kids, but destroy the public education system. Your president isn’t the only one who “love(s) the poorly educated.”



Let’s not forget the fact that we live in a world where someone throwing a ball makes millions of dollars, but somehow teachers aren’t seen as worth a tiny fraction of that.


Real talk; they also often ask for donations from parents to help pay for supplies - the situation is just that desperate. Don’t even get me started on schools without a good community/PTA supporting them, and how they no longer have sports, music or arts programs.


This is the entire point of the ‘tax revolt’ that brought us Prop 13: to claw back tax revenues so that they could be spent on high-income localities like they were before Civil Rights decisions like Serrano v Priest. Charter schools are the bougie version of that same dis-investment, a way of disguising the revanchist voucherisation arguments that have been circulating for decades in the ‘tax revolt’ crowd.

While you’re at it:

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Was that your attempt at sarcasm?
Private sector hasn’t had pay “raises” either, but don’t have the luxury of walking out, claiming its “all about the kids”, while demanding Tax-payers it fork it over, or else.

Remember Reagan and the air-traffic controllers…they taught you that in school.
or maybe not

That’s my point…
worshipping teachers when so many others bust their backsides all day, but don’t get the media/public support, or spotlight.

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