EMI wants millions and your IP address in revenge for Beachles

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2006/09/08/emi-wants-millions-a.html

!ᗡƎ⅃AƎƧ TꟼƎʞ Ǝᙠ OT ƧᗡƎƎИ TI !doЯ ,bɘlɒɘƨ ɘd oƚ ƨbɘɘn ƚI

@Falcor 2006… is… leaking…


afaik the distribution of the The Grey Album was stopped by EMI but no penalties or forced royalities were paid. Do they use a new legal angle or is this a “worth a try” extortion?

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It was published ten years ago, and I imagine most of the downloads happened in the first year, so how useful is a list of IPs going to be anymore?

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