"Emperor" Joshua Norton reigned over San Francisco for 21 years

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Jose Julio Sarria claimed the title of the widow Empress Norton for years in San Francisco. He was also known as The Grand Mere and Absolute Empress I de San Francisco. He was also the first openly gay candidate for public office in the USA. Check out his story at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/José_Sarria


What’s with the use of the past tense? Don’t they know he’s still watching over his people?


Indeed. The Nortonian Empire — now in its 159th year — lives on in the hearts and deeds of the Emperor’s subjects.


He also issued his own scrip:


Emperor Norton lives, offering historical tours of San Francisco with history around every corner: www.emperornortontour.com

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Indeed, he did. This one was designed and printed by Charles A. Murdock & Co., which had its shop on 536 Clay Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, in San Francisco. It’s in the collection of the Wells Fargo Museum on Montgomery Street, and usually is on display.

For much more on Emperor Norton’s printers, see this May 2017 article from The Emperor’s Bridge Campaign.

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