Employee deprives gentleman from liberating merchandise from department store

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I was really rooting for him.


Absolutely no reason to risk your life for the insurance company’s money.


… and he was fired for it. https://old.reddit.com/r/lossprevention/comments/e9hmjk/my_last_stop_at_my_previous_employer/faiyj7g/


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I wish I owned a small retail shop so I could give this person a job. The dude was fair, unaggressive, and didn’t engage with the criminal.


I see what you did there. :rofl:

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Yoink! I love the way the employee just grabs the package out of the truck…


I’m sure the gentleman with the big pickup will be back again before Christmas.

Probably, seeing as it didn’t look like the employee took a good look at the licence plate to pass on to the authorities. Or maybe he did or maybe the CCTV elsewhere caught it.

And … that headline is just ugly. (@frauenfelder)
“Employee deprives gentleman of liberated merchandise”
"Employee prevents gentleman from liberating merchandise
but deprives … from, is just … ugh!


Oh, well. Buck up, Mr. Thief. There will be another big box store a few miles down the road.

“fired for it”

Yeah. I worked in retail long ago. I remember the speech from my boss: “If someone comes in to rob the place - give em what they want. We’re insured. The last thing we want or need is to have someone get hurt, it’s not worth it.”

That employee put himself and his employer at significant financial risk with that stunt. Hang back, get the license plate number, call the cops, make sure the security camera footage is saved. No retail job is worth getting shot over.


If this gentleman resides in the great state of Minnesota, perhaps he is a primary challenger to that gentlewoman who is running on the GOP ticket that was nabbed carting several thousand dollars worth of merchandise out of a Target store (how many carts of junk WAS that?)

I hope the employee at least got to keep the goods then.

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Looks like the Canadian NDP party has found their new potential leader, Mr. Pickup Truck Man. Of course, the employee is the reaction of the Canadian public to NDP policies.

Running out the door is a great way to let everyone know you stole something.

I used to work security at Kmart (of all places) and the shoplifters we caught were guys like this who’d grab a TV and try to book out the front door in a ridiculously obvious fashion, or made a show of being very innocent. The ones we didn’t catch were people who just calmly sauntered out and blended in.


The employee wasn’t fired for chasing the thief and retrieving the stolen item, he was (most likely) fired for not following the store’s policy, which is DON’T CHASE OR CONFRONT SHOPLIFTERS. You can take pictures of them stealing, and pictures of their car and license plate, handing those over to authorities. There’s a very specific reason for this policy: liability. If the employee gets hurt or killed, the store gets sued. If the thief gets hurt or killed, the store gets sued. If someone else gets hurt or killed while the thief is escaping an employee chasing him, the store gets sued. In California, shoplifters don’t even get charged with a felony unless the value of their stolen merchandise is over $950. Happy holidays!

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