Employment advice for Millennials


Huh, and all this time I was just educating myself and working hard.


or not.

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I love SMBC.

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Do I have the option of going forward in time to where I’m just about to die, so I can go ahead and die and not worry about all this anymore?

Actually, that doesn’t even require a time machine.

Not that I’m recommending it.


In the comic’s last panel, they left out the biggest. longest war, the one the super-rich are waging on the rest of us.


They also seem to left out the part where IT’S BUSH’S FAULT. eyeroll.

Well, I was kind of thinking about it in terms of movies – how you can’t change things because of FAAAATE, but for some reason, you can travel through time because SCIIIIIEEEENNCCCE!

Not to mention all the people you knew might already be dead too, and you wouldn’t have to put them through the misery of finding out you were dead? I don’t know, like – oh, she/he moved away for a while. We never heard what happened to her/him. You know, without all the having to move away part.

Say what now? Is that a response to what I wrote?

In all seriousness, knoxblox, this conversation is making me worry for you. It sounds like you’re in a rough place right now.

If you’re in the US and you’d like to talk to someone, you can call 800-273-8255 – yeah, it’s the national suicide prevention hotline, but you don’t actually have to be suicidal to call. You can just call if things are rough for you.

(As someone with depression myself, I know when I start half-joking about dying, it doesn’t mean I’m actually suicidal. But it’s a signal that things aren’t OK. That’s how I’m reading your comments.)

No, no, no. Sure, I’m depressed because I’m in a bad place, but I’m not suicidal.

That bad place being a state that produced the Koch family, the Phelps clan, and various Tea Party delegates and abortion activists who support an overly-conservative state congress that has many fundamental misunderstandings about how society and an education system ought to work (and a mild gripe about it being one of two states in the country without permits supporting a cottage food law).

Yeah, I feel I’m in a bad place. Maybe I don’t need a time machine. Maybe I need to be able to afford a displacement machine.

edit: Aw, geez. What was I thinking? Be proactive, use the time machine to bump off anyone who is currently making life miserable in Kansas.
Hmmm…but that would make me as bad as them.

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