English town disappointed with Christmas tree


“We would be letting our CHRISTIAN residents and traders down if we did not come up with something more substantial,” he said

Fixed that for ya, Peter Halliday. Better luck with your next, more substantial, weird tree idol.

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Another victim in the war on Christmas.

Atheist mole in Business group fires salvo in war on Christmas.


This poor tree needs a Peanuts gang right about now.


Good plan, let’s go chop down and kill another, bigger tree. We need people to be thinking about something other than being mindless consumers in December!

Shouldn’t that be PAGAN?


Oh, six of one…

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Splitting the difference between those two is why we have Catholics. And allowing Henry VIII to get married as often as convenient is the major policy difference between RCs and CoE, so there we go.


Nope. Pagan feast/ritual co-opted by christianity (missionizing is a lot about marketing) as christian feast/ritual, co-opted by commerce (again with the marketing).
Try to be nice to people every day, not just once a year.

German, at the very least.

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It’s a fitting metaphor for our new, Big Society nation of Bob Cratchitts. Austere Christmas.


Fully expected this to be an Onion article.

Seem to be alone in this.

Area Xmas Tree “Disappointed” By Rejection


I dunno, Christmas isn’t a very Christian holiday in the UK.

It’s more an opportunity for poor people to buy things on credit (Edit: or should I say, for creditors to prey on poor people).

Wow, that’s a pretty sad tree. A lot of people were disappointed with the Christmas tree in the Senate Square in Helsinki this year: http://metro.fi/paakaupunkiseutu/uutiset/senaatintorin_kuusen_kunto_kummastutti_katso_kuvat/

Ours is much bigger, which explains the less-than-perfect condition: there aren’t that many people with perfect, large, mature trees that are happy for you to come and cut them down. Usually the city gets offers of tree donations from people who have aging trees that they want to cut down anyway. Donating the tree to the city means the city pays for the tree removal.

Not just in the UK.

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Didn’t Jesus approve of poor people or something? Clearly a holiday that makes the poor more poor is a holiday that further emblesses them!


The spirit of Christmas!

God bless us, every one. (Except Tiny Tim, that NHS parasite…)


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