Enjoy Apple's ASMR videos

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This one always sends shivers down my spine:


I am immune

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How about I just have a nice Hendricks G&T instead?


Lately I’ve been thinking how it would be nice to have a specialty video site that’s just relaxing videos. Sort of an un-porn site. ASMR and ambient nature videos; videos of people getting (non-erotic) massages, haircuts, facials, manicures, etc.; low-key videos of vaguely cute animals (but not so cute it triggers a “cute aggression” response); videos of people hugging each other, complementing each other (or the viewer) on their outfits/accomplishments, or just sitting around cuddling…

Found her voice distracting and turned off the sound to absorb the video. Much nicer vibe that way.

It’s probably subliminal advertising for the next gen iFone Re-education Device (IRD).

Enjoy? Yeah, no.

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