Particularly odd ASMR video featuring young woman "pressing buttons on your face"

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Goodnight Moon is one of the best. Especially her Babblebrook series. Lots of creativity and production value.


I have yet to encounter an ASMR video that doesn’t feel like nails being dragged down blackboards. I actually start feeling irrationally angry, and I am not easy to anger.


Ugh. I hate ASMR videos with talking. The mouth pops and clicks illicit a very strong anger response.
I’m not much into ASMR video over all, but I do like the Nomad Barber ones. They are rather soothing.

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OK, that one… no anger, but also no soothing. Just… confusion.

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It kind of depends on the settings. The ones on the streets of India are interesting, but noisy. Others that are inside buildings tend to be quieter and more relaxed. I think I like the feeling of sort of being there, hearing the scrap of the blade, the cut of the scissors.

It’s not technically ASMR, but having lived in Japan for a little while, everything about this makes me feel relaxed and happy:

I tried some nature-based ASMR, found someone just brushing their hands across grass, and just felt annoyed again

I’ve noticed: ASMR be gettin’ weird. Since it doesn’t require any resources to make a video, plenty of people do it, and then they struggle to distinguish themselves (especially since the old videos are still there and presumably people re-watch them, so the number of videos just increases continuously). As a result you get weird niches and bizarre scenarios with (implied) narratives that are… something else.

So, how long until this is pushed to Amazon workers as mental healthcare?

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