Enjoy the musical stylings of Poopy


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Poopy reaches Number 2!


Everyone with Poopy in mind appreciates a smooth flow.


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Listening to Poopy’s music… for shits and giggles.


Poopy? Wonder how she got that name?


That was accidental, I’m sure


As a person who appreciates lyrics, I’m often disappointed when I can’t tell what a song is about because of a lack of subtitled translations.


Ugh. Eigthies synth rubbish. Boy am I glad we left that period behind us.

Pity the worst music coming out of western culture is spread across the globe :frowning:


Oh god, I spent my gap year in Madagascar and remember her - we had cassettes from the market in Antananarivo which we listened to maybe once. I was sure she spelled it Popy though (but pronounced ‘Poopy’, definitely).

There is some amazing Malagasy music out there - stuff played on the valiha, which is a circular harp; and I remember an album of guitar music called Bal Kabosy by I think Rossy, came out around the same time.


Hadn’t heard of it, nice! thanks!


Man, I will never, ever make fun of Madagascar. As an ESL teacher in France, I’ve had several students from Madagascar and they have consistently been the kindest, most hard-working students I’ve ever had. And English is often their third or fourth language! Love those guys.


Does she actually poop at any stage or is she, like Pooh Bear, fecal in name only?

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