Music to poop by


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I’m pooping at Taco Bell right now.

(Has this running joke jumped the shark yet?)


That joke will always be amusing.


Phew, thanks.

Let us all carry on then!


That was actually pretty brilliant. Everything sounded random, but not one note was left to chance. And the jazz bit at the end!



Surprisingly good acoustics.
Also, nice to see that there are portapotties now that are wheelchair accessible.


Thanks - now I’m afraid of clowns AND porta-potties.


A great song to pop by is Led Zep’s “Immigrant Song”.

Bud-ump. Budda BADump!
Bud-ump. Budda BADump!
Bud-ump. Budda BADump!
Bud-ump. Budda BADump!



Oh the memories: Shithouse Symphonies! Do you poop on the upbeat or the downbeat?


I hope they did that in winter or fall cuz it gets hot as fuck in those things.


I was expecting this:

Part of me thinks this is sacreligious. As my sax teacher used to say, “we are playing for the angels here.” And here, this guy brings a saxophone – a saxophone! – into a SHITHOUSE.

The other part of me finds this brilliant, and hilarious.


You drop it like it’s hot.


heh heh heh. . . .“running” joke.


I’m just throwing this out - around here, poppen (one O, not two) is slang for having sex.
And yes, the music you put on can make a difference.


I really did not need to know that.


(Video is cued.)