Jazz accompaniment to funny internet videos


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Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental is a comedy sketch,


Easily the Boing Boing POTY 2016. Not joking.


Hot Pepper Lady:


This jazz guitar thing is kind of genius. I’m 100% on board.


The cat song was kind of catchy but the end of the hot pepper video when he switched to death metal, that got a literal LOL out of me.


We’ve seen these before, but they never get old. Nono cat is now my National Anthem.


I don’t think she was hamming it up.

I know from experience that cola amplifies the burning effect of spiciness. As soon as I saw the cola bottle in her hand I knew things were about to get real bad for her.


Everything is better with jazz.


That’s Glozell, a great youtuber. Trust me she was hamming it up, maybe part of the reaction was authentic but she was trying to be funny.


That last chord is a doozy: Db7 b5 #5 #9? Not sure how you play a flat 5 sharp 5, and why you’d want to play a sharp 9, unless that’s just jazz for “play all the notes.”


She’s great. This pepper video and the cinnamon challenge are some of my favorites.


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