Comedian Jon Benjamin should have learned to play piano


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“Jazz Daredevil” I like that so very much, indeed.


#Do you want moths?


heard the interview yesterday. it sounds pretty much like any other jazz to me, i guess i’m not smart enough to get it.


“Famed titular voice of Archer, and Bob of Bob’s Burgers…”

…he’ll aways be dr. katz’s slacker son to me. <3


If it works it’s probably because, like you learn in choir/chorus if you’re surrounded by enough talent you can get away with not being so great. And jazz piano could be a lot more free from the constraint of melody and just require some rhythm.

/EDIT: It does not work. I listened to the whole song after my initial post, and while there are a few moments that pass to my ear as actual jazz overall it does not work. It is still interesting in the few seconds where it plays.


To me he will always be Coach McGurk from Home Movies.



And Coach McGurik to me :slight_smile:


omg, i forgot he did McGurk, too! so gooood.


The whole idea sounds like a highway to the danger zone.


Effin’ brilliant.

I was once asked to “jam” with some neighbors and being pretty apprehensive because I know nothing about jazz. By the end I realized that it’s easy (to fake). If a note sounds wrong, just lean on it like you meant it and move to a different note. Rinse, repeat.



Same here. When the host started laughing after they played the first clip I didn’t understand why. But some of the later clips were more obvious to me.

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