Musician demonstrates 10 difficulty levels of playing jazz guitar

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Something something 10 difficulty levels of listening to jazz mutter

It’s very skilful tho

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I could have skipped #7. But that walking bass - I will go to my grave wondering in amazement how that works!

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Lovely. A song I loved to sing even before Janis did it (yeah, I’m old). It is interesting to see it de/reconstructed. I came here to give you all this by Tuck Andress because it is so damn dense.
Louie, Louie
First time I heard it, I didn’t even think it was Louie, Louie. I mean, this is one of the most fucking simple songs ever, yet…
And to Boundegar, you are quite familiar with the walking bass. It’s all over the place. This might be the first time it was isolated for you. Music is (usually) easy to listen to, but it’s a bitch to understand.

Just a reminder that this very much is not the point of jazz or music in general.
It’s MUCH more difficult to make good music than it is to perform any of these tricks.

True, but dammit! those fucking tricks are a ton o’ fun. Ask Bach :slight_smile:

“This video is not available”, sadly.

Hum, works in the US. Let’s see it this works:
Nope, Sorry. This whole album is amazing.

I had my VPN config’d to non-US server, I realise. I’ll try to find a US one.

Should work. Be amazed.

Well … impressed, at least. A bit ‘samey’ / little variation after a while but that’s just nit-picking (pun not intended).

Back when I had delusions of playing, decades ago, it was people of this ilk that persuaded me I’d never have a fraction of the sort of capability needed to execute anything as much as the basics competently, no matter how much I practiced. I started too late for it to become second nature and there were never enough hours of practice available back then. I can’t resist this sort of stuff, still. Thanks for the link.

This is classical guitar, not jazz. The introducer even says so. Summertime is a jazz standard but the style is pure classical.


His technique is from his (obvious) classical training. His approach is jazz.

I’ve been playing guitar for >40 years. I still giggle with delight when I see someone play like this.

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