Check out this blistering fingerstyle version of Purple Haze

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Both amazing players.

I recall the local jazz station playing this when I was driving late at night. Blew me the hell away:


A cover should not simply copy the original. This is how it’s done!


Thank you. I love guitars, and really needed that this morning.


Impressive playing skills, but if the song title wasn’t at the top of this post I would have NEVER guessed that was Purple Haze.

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Just loverly :slight_smile: Will have to check out more of this. Here are two other people to look up. Toby Lee could blow your socks off when he was in pajamas; I think he’s 14 or so now, but he has long mastered the blues. Tuck Andress (of Tuck and Patti) can do an insanely complicated version of ‘Louie, Louie’; check out the entire album called ‘Reckless Precision’.

I remember Doug Martsch of Built To Spill fame producing an album of this. I took a guitar-god friend of mine (he was angry…like what BS are you taking me to, on a Sunday evening) to his show at the Atheneum in Chicago. My friend was upset going in, but amazed coming out. Said it was one of the best guitar performances he’s ever seen. Probably 2002.

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