Michael Stipe sings Lou Reed's Pale Blue Eyes (1983)


There’s a version of Pale Blue Eyes on Dead Letter Office as well. I don’t think it’s the identical track, but similar.

Funny, I knew it was a cover but I didn’t realize it was a Lou Reed song.

The REM cover on Dead Letter Office was always one of my favorite songs of theirs. Now to hear it with just Michael Stipe and Matthew Sweet (!!!) is even better.

Thanks for sharing that. It really brings me back to that time in my life.

One of our local Tucson bands, the River Roses, covered that song in the mid eighties. For that matter, all of the bands I hung out with covered two or three VU songs each.

Our band did Sister Ray and White Light/White Heat. We liked to pretend that our band’s looseness caused by lack of skill/practice was actually underground genius.

Quietest. Train. Ever.

I miss R.E.M. It’s the wrong thread to say so (Sorry, Falcor!), but I do.

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