Bear needs piano lessons


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The potential of this one has already been mined.


It is interesting to me that commenters care so much when we dupe one another while the people writing the blog don’t care? There is no rule that we can not post the same thing multiple times. What a dupe means is that we’ve just found an overlap in our interests – we are all close friends, do not be surprised.

We all try to read every post – but its impossible to remember 35-45 posts/day


I like it when people do it the way @jorpho did, so that I can see the old thread too.

Don’t much like it when people say “DUPE” and don’t link.


In addition to the utility of seeing the old threads, such challenges can provide a certain amusement. Not unlike, say:

It’s not that dupes are an inherently bad thing. (Except maybe when they directly follow one another.)


Personally, I think the bear was emulating the John Cage, Yoko Ono school. He did it well, by the way. BUT, my favorite bear is the one that was caught trashing a dumpster. Well, he was trashing it before cameras were put in to catch him. Canny bear. He simply moved the entire dumpster out of camera range. Don’t know what smart is with bears, but they beat Yogi all to hell.


That bear has obviously practised - he hit the same dischordant selection of notes three times in a row!


He’s not so bad. If a bear broke into my house, that’s the soundtrack I’m imagining as well.


That’s what I thought, too. Quite good. Matter of taste I suppose.


Cleary an homage to the 42nd anniversary of Jaws.


He should join the Libyan Army band.


No worries.
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doesn’t sound too bad either.


Boy, that also really sums up Muammar Gaddafi’s mental state, too (you know, when he was still with us).

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