Watch this piano-playing bear break into Colorado woman's home, play tunes, eat food, escape


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I’m surprised the bear knows John Cage.


Does a bear use auto-tune? :poop::evergreen_tree:


definitely a new twist on the old 'eats shoots and leaves…"


It seems smarter than the average bear.

Was this near Jellystone Park?


Bears seem to be getting smarter. Planet of the apes? pfft, more like planet of the bears.


It’s only a cheap imitation!


unbearably out of tune.

i’m going to bed.


Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!


More like Wagner.

Quite an unresolved chord.


  1. Fairly certain that chord is from his favorite horror film.

  2. This is probably pay back for a missing bowl of porridge 15 years ago.


I’m nowhere near horror movie mode.

i <3 GUNS?


I know that Bear, he’s a cousin of mine. That said, he’s got a bit of a tin ear…


That was supposed to be the opening chord from A Hard Day’s Night.


Cutest B&E evers!


Such a shame a male bear isn’t called a buck, because what we have there is a cluster.


In his later years, Baloo turned his back on the popular Disney-Hanna-Barbera ‘jolly bear’ stereotype, and became more daring and experimental. His work was rarely performed, and little known, with the exception of one opus consisting of a single mournful, elegiac note cluster on the piano, titled “Where the fuck does she keep the Snickers?”. This became a brief internet sensation when the composer appeared on a security camera, played it once, stared at his audience behind the the camera, then walked off in silence.

Music - reduced to the bare necessities.



I thought he was creating his own edgy 1970’s style minimalist heist movie score. It certainly upped the tension.