Enjoy these bloopers from The Office


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Is there anything less funny than bloopers?


A lot of the actors have a similar demeanor with their characters, except Dwight who is quite different altogether. I love watching Rainn Wilson switch in and out of character, seeing the contrast makes me appreciate the level of talent even more.




They’re great fun if you’re a big fan of whatever movie. Less fun if you’re saying, “What Office?”


Maybe it’s me. I don’t like bloopers for shows and movies that I do like, and I like the office. They probably are funny if you are on the set and a member of the cast or crew.


I KILL you!!


Sometimes it’s nice to watch people have fun. But seeing how you’re edgy and all…


aaaaaand now they’re all gone. Do these copyright bots have some kind of ability to see videos that get suddenly popular and pounce?

Edit: I did get to watch the Season 4 one Mark posted. I enjoyed it!


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