Enjoy this intimate Camper Van Beethoven set

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Thank you. What an interesting and pleasant journey to take, I’ll go down that road again.


I once saw Camper Van Beethoven play at Al’s Bar in downtown LA. Al’s looked like it had literally been bombed, with broken concrete roped off, stuff like that. This was an incarnation with Jonathan Segal, and they played Interstellar Overdrive. Probably around 1985-6? Fabulous show.


Thanks! Inspired me to download a show or two for a road trip this weekend. Going with a Camper Van Beethoven Live at The Fillmore on 2008-06-28.


Many great CVB shows can be found on the Internet Archive.

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to read something penned by another CVB fan who’s listened to the Eugene Chadbourne collaboration. There was a followup album, the Eddie Chatterbox Double Love Trio LP, one half originals, the other half Tim Buckley covers, some really beautiful moments. That one has Voodoo Vengeance, which was simultaneously re-recorded and released by the awesome CVB offshoot The Monks of Doom on their 2nd LP, Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company. My favorite CVB-related release was Jonathan Segel’s double LP Storytelling, which will always be among my top 3 desert island albums.


Monks of Doom too :slight_smile:


Nice to see Chadbourne get a mention! I’m still waiting for him to get some kind of late career boost from obscurity. Saw him in something like 2003 or 4, it was in a coffee shop and I was one of only two or three people there. ‘Twas a pity. He was an 80s college radio staple.

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