Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese's set to hardcore metal


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I’ve never been to Chuck E. Cheese.
Isn’t that just Wednesday?


Not as good as the Cat Mosh Pit set to Brace War.


I personally would like to see higher-quality footage (less grainy, and of course no vertical video), a few slow-mo effects thrown in, and perhaps set to music more like “What a wonderful world”.


So many barb wire tattoos, so much stretch-wear…


This makes me rethink saloon brawls in old westerns.


Fun for the whole family to enjoy!
I think Yakety Sax will work for this too.
Edit: Just tried it. It does work with Yakety Sax!


The flashing red and blue lights added so much!

Also, slow it down to highlight the tragedy with Beethoven’s 7th…


I have been to the Chuckster’s joint a few times in recent years and I am frankly surprised that this is not a weekly event somewhere in their hundreds of locations. Maybe this is just the one that got recorded?

In any case those places are fantastic casino training for kids. A few Ch-E-Ch birthday parties and the din of slot machines will be a soothing lullaby.


That’s actually some good metal too.


Let me guess… much like Vegas has ditched a majority of the table games for slots, Chuck has ditched most of the ball pit / play zone for shitty coin op games?


Nobody like cleaning the balls after some kid throws up in the pit


If the Beethoven sounds familiar, it may be because it’s a tried-and-true piece for film soundtracks. Perhaps its most effective and iconic use was in The King’s Speech


The pillarbox compensation really adds something. It feels as if there are more bodies.


Oh you think they clean the ball pit, heh


I am a simple man. I see (hear) Beethoven, I :heart: the post.


Much too good…

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