Enjoy this terrific cover of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner"

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Always loved this version by Bingo Hand Job (REM, with Billy Bragg on beatboxing and Madness/EMF interpolations).

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I have this on double-cd set (somewhere) but didn’t know there was video of the performances.
I bought the CD on a lark in my hometown, weirdly thinking it was a Robyn Hitchcock “Eye” variant*, and listening to this live set moved me from very-much-liking REM to really admiring/loving them as a BAND.

*the storekeeper sold it to me as Robyn Hitchcock as well. So I didn’t know until I got home, but by the first two tracks I didn’t care.


Another cover of this is by Silvana Estrada. I think it’s good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo_Fzdgttc4&ab_channel=SilvanaEstrada

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They flashed the hell out of a song that was brilliant for it’s understatement. They def. have talent, but I look forward to them calming the fuck down a bit.

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ha ha this made me laugh. I totally get what you’re saying, though!

Seinfeld used an outside shot of Tom’s Restaurant for the diner the regular characters were in a lot.

Fun trivia I only learned last year: William Holden was the actor who died while drinking. Kinda surprised the narrator claims not to have heard of him though. Must not have been an even casual film watcher.

Was Holden still in popular movies as late as the early eighties?

He wasn’t still in popular movies (looks like the last decent movie was Network, 1976), but even if he was in the twilight of his career he still had two hits in the 70s and several of his earlier movies had enough staying power to be on all the “Saturday/Sunday afternoon/night at the movies” sorts of shows ubiquitous at the time. I’m just channeling my own experience in which I became acquainted with a lot of old movies just by having the tv on on weekends, not because I was some kind of movie fiend. Perhaps the narrator had something better to do.

Yeah well, is there anything better than sitting around in a diner feeling alienated from other people while it’s raining outside? :smile:


Agreed. But to be 100% fair, they sound like they were covering the DNA remix / cover, not the original.

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Oh my God, there is one. Yes!!!

Won’t inbox properly, but links to a list of cover versions and songs where samples are used or the song is quoted:

Quite a lot!

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