Enjoy this upscaled 'Thundercats' intro

It’s covered in rainbow deep dream weirdness in the top left and the right in the background and the line work is soft but in the using usharp mask softness the hand has a weird look that is overly processed and the eyes are blurred but other parts are sharp.

You have places that are sharp next to places that are blurry.

Ok, I’m a video guy going way back and have worked in the industry and special effects and early desktop video products and into animation and animation history so perhaps I’m overly sensitive but man it just looks weird and messed up.


Yeah I was watching that and immediately noticed how badly the background animation is. Once I paused I could see those weird distortions. I think Panthro got the worst of it before I stopped.

The background I thought looked like gloppy paint texture. But now that I zoom in, yeah it is some sort of artifact. It looks like it doesn’t do as well with gradient airbrush, vs the lines and color fill of cell shading.

I dunno - AI usually won’t be as good as a person painstakingly cleaning things up frame by frame, but during the animation, I thought it looked pretty good. Certainly way better than the original. I suppose there isn’t much of a market for trying to clean this up perfectly.

Maybe. I am looking at Tigra’s face, not off in the corners to see the issue.

But thanks for pointing out what you meant by “ick”. I see what you’re talking about now.

I thought it looked horrid too.

Originally, I though it was compression artifacts from YouTube but now that I’m looking at the still frames - its just the NN filling in the information poorly.

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