Thunderbirds: CGI vs. Supermarionation


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Real puppets will always win versus CGI puppets. Watching the new trailer I longed for the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore version.


I expect I will learn to appreciate it, but my, they’ve made TB2 awfully square haven’t they. I just love the curves of the ‘proper’ one.

Rather then wade into the CGI vs PRACTICAL FX or NOSTALGIA vs REBOOTS or any of that, I just swung by to say that it’s great to see someone doing a good ol fashioned sci-fi adventure series that’s not a needlessly grimdark, reality-based slog through what a downer the future is. Like Grant Morrison, I too am a tad tired of so much sci-fi and speculative fiction (in the mainstream, at least) that’s forgotten how a lot of this stuff is supposed to be FUN!


Was anyone else super creeped out by supermarionation as a child?
I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.


Not nearly as creepy as Clutch Cargo IMHO.

I hate CGI, always looks pants - so cheap and naff that even puppets look better (even the freaky giant heads from Stingray). See also the newer Captain Scarlet.

If they think doing it with puppets would be too expensive, I have a solution.

Never much liked Thunderbirds, though - much preferred Captain Scarlet and Terrahawks. And Star Fleet, natch, which was miles better than anything Anderson did.

Also - where’s the music gone from the new trailer?

Just for the hell of it:


Thunderbirds, Maltesers and the Ford GT40: three of the greatest things ever to come out of Slough. And least expect to have come from Slough.

The original would have been much more fun to do. You get to blow up all your toys… and get paid for it!!
The cgi reboot looks fine, meh.

Oh yes, Terrahawks. Let’s talk Terrahawks for a moment. It was my favorite show.

Ah, Dr. “Tiger” Ninestein, the walking ethics violation. He had nine clones living normal lives, that at any time could be called and “reprogrammed” to replace a former Dr. Ninestein.

Also Zeroids were seemingly sentient AIs that sprung into their deaths, often for our comic amusement. I had my fair share of nightmares out of that.

But, hey, somehow it will have an… audio series out in April?

I hope it will have the same amount of Dad jokes to narrative ratio of the original.

I have always been a fan of Jerry Andersons creations and for me it peaked with Captain Scarlet. The art, design, model making and the utterly unique look and feel of those shows still blows me away.

While I look forward to this new version of a classic the trailer looks like any other poxy CGI effort, it will look dated and gamey in a couple of years…Poo :frowning:

I swear, 0:29 in the original, Burt Reynolds.

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Came here to say that. Also, what good is Thunderbirds without the theme song? Seriously!

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Wow, that pseudo-CGI looks very closely related to the animations in Hitchhiker’s.

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