Things I miss: The Thunderbirds saying FAB


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Then perhaps you should watch the new series?

This is not all CGI and the models are done by freakin’ WETA.


And it’s great. Sure it gets a bit rushed at times (as they try to do too much plot in the time allowed) but it feels amazingly true to the original. (Mind you, I’m someone who thinks the live-action film is perfectly fine - not great, but not a turkey in any way - so what do I know?)


I have watched it (the pilot anyways) and felt it kinda sucked and needed an update in its treatment of Brains and Penelope.


I’m old enough to remember that show but never knew what FAB meant. Until now thanks to the internet
Fully Advised and Briefed (Thunderbirds TV show)



Spectrum Is Green


Stingray was a different TV show:


…and now I can’t get the theme song out of my head… just because I read that title.



That was actually some folk etymology, cooked up by fans, well after the original show’s run. According to the show’s creator, it doesn’t stand for anything. It just sounded cool.


I’ve seen an interview with numerous contributors and iirc it came about because fabulous was a popular descriptor at the time.


But it still doesn’t stand for anything. It’s just an acknowledgement, like 10-4.


Odd Fact*: Jimmie Vaughan was such a huge Gerry Anderson fan, he even named a band after them.

*Conforms to current Presidential-Elect guidelines on facts.


You never know…anything can happen in the next half hour.


Anyone here remember Joe 90? It was the last all-puppet Anderson show, and had the creepiest premise: apparently-sane British scientist experiments on his 9-year-old son’s brain, then loans him out to the CIA to carry out potentially-deadly missions.


But not quite as different as - Superthunderstingcar!


You can have Thunderbird 4; I’ll take Thunderbird Shadow.


Don’t be silly. He wouldn’t loan his child to the CIA! This was a British series, it would have been MI5 or 6, depending upon the mission. Or possibly II3. Not 4. We don’t talk about 4.


It was Dire Straits use of Supermarionation and the Thunderbirds that made me fan.

Calling Elvis


Then you’ve not seen the show. The child’s handler was American, from an intelligence agency they called WIN in the show. Clearly CIA. It was a strange show.